We opened an eBay store called Wearmyhat and we we’re selling a diverse range of quality caps and hats there.  However, we felt restricted not being able to offer some customers want they want.  Subsequently, a unique conception was born, the Wearmyhat independent online store introducing in demand caps and hats including a diverse range of high quality unique head apparel.  We have very strong product sourcing of the highest quality caps and hats, and now independently we are able to offer and satisfy the needs of our customer. 


In September of 2021, we  opened a shop on Etsy called IPREMA Shop focusing on Red Bull caps and beanie hats.  Check it out, there might be something you like there, but you’ll always get it cheaper on wearmyhat.com


A demand for caps and hats all over the world continues to grow year on year, therefore the Wearmyhat online shop including our other shopping outlets ebay, Etsy and Bonanza serve a need for women and men’s head apparel.


We specialise in retail of MotoGP and racing caps, however, we’re currently expanding our caps and hat apparel every day introducing more diversity of hat products to suit your desire and creating an abundance in one place.  We’ve incorporated the most efficient shipping method easily reaching all four corners of the world.  Consequently, our doors are open to many countries of many cap and hat lovers across the globe.  With abundance of choice at the Wearmyhat online shop we’ve arranged hats and caps into well organised categories empowering our customers to find their way round easily.  We’re almost certain you’ll purchase your desired cap or hat that you won’t be able to get enough of, and potentially come back for more.


Wearmyhat continues to grow moving from strength to strength whilst serving and fulfilling the world community with great hats and caps.

We’ve got you covered!

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